Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Pulls, Door Knobs & Handles, Meridian, ID
Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Pulls, Door Knobs & Handles, Meridian, ID

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Pulls, Door Knobs & Handles, Meridian, ID

Once you’ve visited our showroom and decided on the color and design of your new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you get to add a truly personalized touch: hardware! If you are unsure of exactly what you want, Big Wood Cabinets can help you decide which size, shape, and color of cabinet fixtures will best fit your personal style.

The following are a few of the many cabinet options available:

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  • Rose Gold Kitchen Door Handles

  • Copper Cabinet Pulls

  • Gold Cabinet Knobs

  • Modern Cupboard Door Knobs

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  • Brass Kitchen Cupboard Knobs

  • Brass Cabinet Door Handles

  • Gold Bathroom Cabinet Handles

  • Simple Bathroom Knobs

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  • Shiny Cupboard Door Handles

  • Pacific Cupboard Pulls

  • Silver Drawer Knobs & Handles

Not only is hardware a beautiful finishing touch for your newly installed cabinets, but it can be a great way to remodel your cupboards.
Sometimes your cabinets are still in great condition or you would rather spend the money in your budget on other parts of the remodel. Either way, there are so many different options for knobs and pulls that you can achieve a completely new look just by changing the hardware!

From cabinet handles and knobs for your kitchen to pulls for your custom bathroom vanity, we can help you to decide what kind of look you want to add to your space.
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“Working with Big Wood Cabinets was one of our best remodel experiences! Monte helped us design an extremely functional and beautiful layout for our space paying very close attention to all the little details making everything perfect. Cabinets hardware and countertops all in one shop made life easy and I'll say it again so beautiful and functional! Jessica was very quick to respond to emails and coordinate schedules. Installation was smooth and communication was excellent. I can't say enough about how wonderful working with the Big Wood crew was!

Barbara Zubizarreta